About Enkay Marcomm

Enkay Marcomm is an Advertising Agency with a difference. Specialized in Digital Marketing, Event Organizing and Web Designing/ Development by understanding the changing needs of marketers and advertisers. We Integrate, a Full Service Marketing Agency and Your Complete Marketing Partner. We offer a range of marketing services for you to choose from to create your complete marketing solutions.


We are always at the forefront, delivering cutting-edge technology and information solutions, aiming to transform the way businesses communicate.


Our Vision is to working towards perfection.

Our Services

Events: Enkay marcomm is constantly at work planning events of value to our industry - from workshops to seminars and conferences.

Web Development/Design: Generating High Quality Web Traffic & converting those visitors into customers thats what Enkay marcomm is good at.

Digital Marketing: The internet is increasingly sophisticated and complex, but people are crying out for simplicity. Enkay marcomm gives you creativity with simplicity to reach your target audience.

Exhibition Organizers: Exhibition organisers is a booming concept. They must be able to complete a wide range of activities requiring excellent management,organisational skills and attention to detail. And Enkay Marcomm does it all. Flawlessly.

Our Products

SquareFoot Magazine

SquareFoot Web Channel

Upcoming Satellite Channel